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Even dead weeds are still a problem for interlocking brick paving stones!
Restoration of Interlock Paving Stones  - Cleaning - Joint Sand - Sealing
Clean your Interlock Pavers with the Weed & Dirt Blaster
Weeds a common problem with interlocking brick pavers.
Over time interlocking paver installations start to show their age and just like the rest of your home require periodic maintenance
to restore them to their former beauty. Some common maintenance problems are the accumulation of weeds & dirt, oil & rust
stains and loss of jointing sand.
Unsightly oil stains on Interock Paving Stones.
We use a rotary surface cleaner to restore your interlock pavers.
Weeds & interlock pavers, not a good combination.
Dr. Interlock relies on professional grade cleaning equipment and quality products for cleaning, joint
sanding and sealing of your interlocking brick pavers. To ensure a quality result each and every time
we have developed a systematic approach to restoring your pavers.

Cleaning of Pavers

  • dirt, weeds and moss are removed along with 1/2" to 1" of jointing sand using high powered
    oscillating pressure washing tips, in most cases we also use a high powered rotary surface

  • use of speciality cleaners for the spot treatment of stubborn stains such as oil, grease and rust

  • application of efflorescence remover or sealer stripper if required

  • the surface is thoroughly rinsed and then left to dry (usually 12-24 hrs)
Proper jointing sand is an extremely important component to any interlock paving project.
Compaction of pavers with new jointing sand will reinstate interlock between the pavers.
Sealing of Pavers

It is not essential to seal your pavers but there are several reasons why you might choose to seal your pavers. The sealing of your
pavers provides a micro porous transparent coating that helps to maintain the original colour, reduces the penetration of oil and
dirt and protects the surface of the pavers from the elements.In order to maintain the look of your sealed pavers, it is
recommended to reseal every 3-4 years depending on location, exposure and use since even the best sealers will degrade over

The "Wet Look" sealer will enhance the colour of the pavers while the "Natural Look" sealer  will not change the appearance of the
pavers, with both protecting the pavers from stains and the elements. We only use Techni-Seal products that are made from high
quality components so they will not breakdown prematurely. Some of the cheaper sealers will breakdown prematurely, turn white or
yellow over time and some will even peel or de-laminate.
Joint Sand

There are two different types of jointing sand that we use, standard and polymeric. Both sands are
well graded sharp sands that are ideal to ensure "interlock" between the pavers once compacted. We
use the standard jointing sand when there are no issues with joint sand wash out or erosion and when
there is no weed growth between the pavers.

We recommend using the polymeric sand when there have been problems with joint sand wash out or
erosion and weed growth between the pavers. The polymeric jointing sand has an added polymer
binder that stabilizes the sand and once activated enables the sand to resist erosion and
displacement thereby minimizing weed growth and insect colonization.

  • jointing sand or polymeric jointing sand is swept into the joints with excess material removed

  • a plate compactor is run over the area to consolidate the sand into the joints, thereby
    reinstating the interlock between the pavers

  • the surface is blown off to remove dust from the pavers and if the polymeric sand is used, the
    binder is activated and then allowed to dry
Our restoration services will revitalize your interlock installation to its former glory and help to protect your investment for years to
come. We do not take short cuts and only use quality products to ensure the best results. We will address every aspect of your
project with skill and care, delivering a result that is second to none.
Interlock pavers require periodic maintenace so call Dr. Interlock today.
Restored interlock pavers after cleaning and sealing
The wet look sealer enhances Interlock Paver colour as well as protecting the joint sand and paver from the elements.
Before -Untreated Interlock Pavers
After - Cleaned and Sealed Interlock Pavers
Unsealed Interlock Pavers  - Sealed Interlock Pavers
High Powered Oscillating Tips
Rotary Surface Cleaner
Joint Sand Swept into Joints
Compaction to Re-instate Interlock
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