We repair all types of interlocking stone including retaining walls, patio slabs, steps and pavers (bricks). Sometimes these
failures are due to poor drainage or improper engineering. We can complete a site assessment and determine what factors
contributed to the failure and either repair or rebuild the problem area.

Indicators that repairs are required:
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  • Walls or steps leaning forward
  • Separation of blocks or steps
  • Loose caps or treads

  • Areas of depressions where water or dirt accumulates
  • Separation or drifting of pavers along edges
  • Heaving of pavers due to roots and plant material
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We can provide you with solutions to your interlock and retaining wall problems. Some of our services include lifting and
relaying problem areas, reinstating proper edge restraints or amending failed base materials.

Repairing your interlock pavers & retaining walls is a simple and cost effective approach to enhance the appearance
of your home, remedy safety hazards and to extend the life of your investment.
Repair of Interlock Paving Stones,  Retaining Walls & Steps
Failed interlocking brick pavers due to migration of base material.
Interlocking brick paver failure due to a leaking pipe beneath erroding base materials.
A failed interlock paver installation due to base failure and lack of joint sand.
Failed segmental concrete block retaining wall due to inadequate drainage.
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