Proudly Serving Victoria & Southern Vancouver Island

  • Structural Repairs
  • Relaying of Problem Areas
  • Drainage Repairs

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  • Surface Cleaning
  • Stabilizing of Paver Joints
  • Sealing

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  • Interlock Paving Stones
  • Walls & Steps
  • Hydra Pressed Slabs

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We repair, restore and install all types of interlocking stone including Interlock Paving Stones (Interlocking Brick), Hydra Pressed
Slabs (Patio Slabs), Segmental Concrete Retaining Walls, Accent Walls and Steps. Interlocking stone products are as durable as
they are elegant but they require professional installation and maintenance to ensure their long term structural integrity and

Our workmanship is founded on over 20 years of installing and maintaining interlocking stone. We have the experience and the
knowledge to construct your landscape to stand the test of time or restore your landscape to its former glory. We will address
every aspect of your project with skill and care, delivering a result that is second to none.
            Call Jason Marshall at 250-516-1524 to arrange a free consultation.

"Excellent workmanship combined with quality products at a competitive price for outstanding value."  
We Specialize in the Installation, Repair & Restoration of Interlocking Stone.
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